Customer Question re: Potency

Thank you for the question. I'll try to answer succinctly, but as you likely know, there are several sources with varying conclusions. says that in industrial conditions (not refrigerated) 55 gallon drums and large tanks will lose up to 1% per year, and indicates that the surface area in contact with the air, the storage pressure and temperature as well as the initial concentration of H2O2 in solution all play roles in the effervescence of O2 from the solution. The literature varies greatly and there is no simple, linear graph to answer our questions. As far as pressure goes, the same Gaussian principle that keeps Coca-Cola from going flat by losing the CO2 from solution, keeps H2O2 from losing its O2 from solution. It is all about heat and pressure. Ironically, when the pressure inside a bottle increases, the peroxide is "better" stored, meaning that in a high pressure condition it will last longer, ceteris paribus. Likewise with storage at low temperature, the O2 will be less prone to leaving solution. As to nebulizing concentrations, the British Medical Journal reports treatment efficacy in a range of 1-2% concentration, so if one dilutes their assumed-to-be 12% peroxide to a target 1.5% concentration by adding one part peroxide to seven parts distilled water, then the peroxide can actually be any concentration from 8% to 16% and still be effective in viral treatment. We can conclude then that if a 12% solution is losing 2% per year due to poor storage or handling, it would still be effective for two years, and if losing 1% per year due to good storage and handling, it would be effective in nebulization for four years. There are so many variables in shipment and storage that a small brain like mine can't possibly give a definitive answer as to any one case. I simply know that I receive good quality products (we have each batch independently lab tested as to assay), take care to bottle them properly and send them in to Amazon within 48 hours of bottling. What conditions they encounter enroute to Amazon or to my wonderful customers, I can't control. The most I can do is send out a fresh bottle anytime there are concerns, and I am very happy to spend my time and money replacing ANY bottles that have any issues whatsoever. So, if you have any concern about anything, I am very happy to send a replacement. Amazon does not share customers' addresses with sellers, so if you would like a replacement anytime in the next six months for any reason, or no reason, just drop me a line with where to send it and I'll take care of you. Thanks again for getting in touch and I pray you are blessed and healthy! Sincerely, C. Luke Humphreys